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Our Sustainability Approach

ESG values are core to Triple Flag. As miners first and foremost, we believe in the essential good that ethical mining provides society, and recognize that optimal ESG performance in the mining and metals business drives operational and reputational performance. Triple Flag does not invest in mines that use child labor, forced labor or riverine tailings disposal.

Sustainability Approach


We conduct robust due diligence with the objective of investing in projects and companies that are well-managed and where the range of ESG aspects and impacts are such that the mines operate sustainably over the long term to protect our investments and reputation, along with those of our stakeholders and investors.

The Triple Flag team sees Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) excellence as core to our identity. We believe strong ESG performance is critical to the long-term success of our organization, the mining industry and host communities. Our ESG approach is two-pronged:

1. We ensure portfolio quality by investing in streams and royalties on mines and projects where our due diligence determines that our counterparties demonstrate strong sustainability management and performance. Strong sustainability performance by our partners helps to ensure the mines underlying our investments enjoy the privilege to operate from those affected by mining, which protects our business and shareholders.

Rigorous Esg Due Diligence

2. We contribute to a responsible and sustainable mining ecosystem through our own practices, actions and community investments, and by exerting influence across our portfolio and the broader mining ecosystem. We aim to lead by example and to share our experience and networks to support sustainable mining.

Leading By Example

Further information on our approach and our practices is provided here and elaborated in our ESG Policy.